Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture


Well, here goes, my first post for the Weekly Photo Challenge!

I love the texture of palm tree trunks. I love the distinct textures to these beautiful trees. The three distinct textures being, the smooth oval areas, the rough dark outlines and the hairy tufts that dance in the breeze.

I took this photo while I was on vacation in Malibu – my favorite place on the planet.

Thanks for looking!

Better Late Than Never, I’m Joining Post A Week 2011

I know, we’re heading into the last quarter of 2011, but I wanted
to start blogging now.  I think this will
be a great opportunity to get a feel for wordpress, before trying my hand at
post a day 2012.

I may only participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, but it’s all
about getting into a routine and learning how all this works. I hope you like
what you see here :-)

Susan Braithwaite